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After my active racing career, I dedicated myself to my own personal approach to skiing and intensified my passion for freeriding and ski touring. With Goergl Intense, I and my team design, organize and support extraordinary experiences for extraordinary people. Anyone looking for peace, space and heart palpitations will find what they are looking for on the adventures with Goergl Intense.


Take a climb on touring skis and have a meditative experience. Make my philosophy on the mountain familiar to you when the edge of the mountain is crossed and a steep, untouched gully opens down. Experience the feeling of freedom in an untouched winter wonderland.



Let's explore new paths!

When I got on an eBike for the first time in 2015, I was electrified in the first second - what an uplifting feeling to be on the road with a constant tailwind! Of course, I was not yet aware of the full extent of the possibilities at this point - today I am approaching this potential with Goergl Intense and invite my customers to accompany me on these paths.

Whether during the half-day driving safety training or on the multi-day adventure tour - always according to the motto:

P U R E  -  I N T E N S E  -  W I T H   A L L   S E N S E S                   



The wealth of experience from 20 years of competitive sports coupled with my learnings from the entrepreneurial establishment of the eMTB enable me to take new, creative paths in advising my customers.

“20 years of professional ski racing - countless steps towards optimizing my skills.
My path is what defines me today.”



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